Now what?

I am trying my hand at some larger paintings. These are size 22″ X 22″ on watercolor paper. I used some of my hand painted paper and acrylics. I am not sure if they are done. 

Mixed media with hand painted papers
Seeing Red Mixed media abstract size 22″X22″
Mixed media abstract with hand painted papers
Winter Blues Mixed media abstract Size 22″X22″
   Which painting is your favorite and why?

Sign up for an art class

Today I play the role of teacher. I am stepping out of my comfort zone, my art studio and into the realm of the classroom. I think this helps me to become better at what I do because it forces me to think about how I do it. I have always been the student. I have been very fortunate to have found some excellent teachers and mentors….in the classroom, Online and Mother Nature.                                                    
I am active at two Arts Councils in my area. The Finger Lakes Arts Council in Auburn, NY at   and Seneca County Arts Council in Seneca Falls,NY. We offer some great classes full of creative students. I would love to hear about YOUR favorite classes. 

Mixed media student
Nancy sharing her masterpiece!
Mixed media art student
Sally sharing her masterpiece!

A Visitor to my studio

Last week my sister-in-law Julie came out to play. She wanted to learn how I do my mixed media pictures. She got right to “work”. Dived right in! I painted along side of her for instructions. I had my 30 in 30 to do. It was fun having someone to play with in my studio. Usually it is just me and the dogs πŸ• 🐢.I really should look into this idea for future classes. Nice job JulieπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨. It will make a nice gift for Rose and Joe’s new pad. 

Got my cup of coffee β˜•οΈ

I can’t remember if I have talked about this before. I seemed to have developed a ritual before I start painting. I make a cup of coffee, set the timer and get my art apron on. Now it’s time to paint. I really enjoy the whole process of painting from deciding what my composition will be to what colors I want to use. Some of it requires a little planning and some of it I do intuitively. I am feeling so grateful that I get to do this almost every day. 

My Winter Pinks

Here they are, as promised…four of my mixed media collages from my January 30 in 30 Winter Pink Series. I used a great free app called photo collage to frame them like this for the post. In case your wondering. I can see I need to do a better job at cropping them. Better luck next time!

I am going to share and use them in my next “mix it up class”. Compositionally they show me using what is called the grid, landscape and cruciform. Can you guess which is which? Give it a tryπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨

Winter Pink

This is the Pinterest image that inspired my winter pink Day 6 to Day 10 thirty paintings in 30 days.

I am writing this post in a word document format and cannot figure out how to insert pictures.

I will insert one and publish it and then check on my phone to see how it looks.

From my point of view, it looks too large.



Its back! My Thirty paintings in 30 Days Challenge. January 2017

I am super excited to be spending every day in my art studio this month. Yes! I have an actual art studio in my home. My clever sister Mary Jo, also an artist adviced me to do this a couple years ago. Best advice ever! 

If you look closely at my work you will see my own hand painted papers.This mixed media work is on 6″ X 6″ panel board. New to me. I really like this substrate. The theme for this month is the seasons. More on the reason for the seasons in future posts. STAY TUNEDπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨

Artist of the Month

My September 2016 thirty paintings in 30 days are on exhibit at the Artworks gallery in downtown Seneca Falls,NY for the month of November.This time I decided to try painting abstract landscapes and abstract figuratives.I LOVE participating in these challenges. It gets me in my studio everyday. 

I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity.                                

 Heres to practice, practice, practice!!!     β€‹


Art Journaling class at F.L.Art

My friend Carol and I taught an Art Journaling class this week at Finger Lakes Art in Auburn, NY. What a great bunch of creative students. We used one of Traci Bunkers Self-Care exercise prompts titled Nurture List. The idea here is to, on the left page write a letter to yourself about why you deserve to be nurtured, and how important it is to love yourself. Then on the right page make a list of the ways you can nurture yourself. We also shared some tips on the different types of journals, styles of journaling and how to use a focal point. We are planning on doing more of these classes in the Fall. Hope you can join us!


Art Journaling