Geneva Night Out this Friday 5-8

I will have some of my abstracts and mixed medium art work on display at the Microclimate Wine Bar, 38 Linden St. Geneva, NY this month. This Friday is Geneva Night Out at 5-8. It looks like a cool place to hang out.
Thanks Gordy for hooking me up!
Hope you can come!

Mixed Medium Beach Scene Set of four

30 Paintings in 30 Days September 2015 Challenge with Leslie Saeta

I have copied a small clip of Leslie’s instructions for the challenge here. Be sure to sign up & go to her website and blog. I did this in Jan. & it was a game changer for me.

Sign up before the sun goes down tomorrow:)

Leslie wants to remind you to go to the 30 Paintings in 30 Days website at for instructions as to what you need to do to participate in the Challenge. The website clearly explains that you need to photograph your painting starting on September 1 and each day afterward. Then upload your photo (with a link to your blog or website) on her blog at Each day in September she will publish a blog post at 12:01am. On each post you will see a blue box which is the link to upload your photo to her blog. You will have 48 hours to upload your photo of your painting. After the 48 hours you will not be able to upload your photo for that day. Don’t panic, just upload your painting on another day’s post!

The 5 X 5 Challenge & 6 X 6 fundraiser

This week Marge and I spent two days working on our book down at my family cottage. After she grabs her diet coke and I my decaf coffee we begin. We often start by sharing books/magazines/ideas we are currently being creatively inspired by. After both of us poke our nose through each others stuff we get down to “business”. This leads us to a point of planning and brainstorming ideas for both our book and classes we want to teach. This is a picture of Marge taking notes that will someday show up in her own words in our book. I also decided to do a quick sketch of her. I will post that later.

Marge the Writer

We like to take little “retreats” and walks and sometimes even pop into little shops to get our creative juices flowing. Marge likes to call these “adventures”.  They really have become a way that we celebrate with each other our creative self.

Marge the photographer

Besides writing and drawing we both love taking pictures with our cell phones or cameras which is why we both got excited about the #5 X 5 Creative Challenge: five photos and five minutes of writing for 25 days in a row. Our buddy Pat O is up for the challenge as well. We gleaned this idea from an article we read in the Somerset Life magazine. THE SIMPLICITY OF SHOWING UP: The 5X5 Creative Challenge by Christina Rosalie. Check it out. We have both added her book to our reading list.
We also gave ourselves a group artist date and met up with some friends at the ArtWorks Gallery 6 X 6 fundraiser.

Rosann was quick to grab her favorite picture


These are my very first notecards made from my most recent plein air watercolor pictures. Pam, owner of The Copyshop in Seneca Falls, NY made them. I am thinking of both selling all 4 in a pack as a set and singly. This was one of my art goals to accomplish this summer. So… I am happy to see it come to fruition. Do you like them?

Watercolor Titled Love Wins

I think they turned out great.

Watercolor Titled Line Dried
Watercolor Titled Thinking Bench
Watercolor Titled Scenic Overlook

These are actually just my samples. They need to be scored and placed with envelopes. Let me know if you are interested in buying any.

Weekend Reunion

Enjoying the Lake:)
Look dad I caught a fish!

The Lahrs and the Colvins reunite this weekend, staying at our family cottages on Seneca Lake. These guys all grew up together but really they haven’t seen each other in several years. A good time was had by all! We went tubing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, had two great bonfires and ate lots of yummy camp food. Thanks Chef Jiffy for the delicious omlettes! Of course we had to reminisce about “the good ol camping days”….and….enjoy the new additions to the families. Adam, Chelsea, Gio, Aiden & Ruby, Alison & Melissa!

Adam and Aiden playing

Chris & Gio are now buddies:)

And of course we topped it off with painting rocks which Gio calls the “rock village”.

Gio's master piece!

I will post some pictures later this week of the rock village.

Plein Air Painting

I finished two of my little 6X6 Plein Air Paintings today. I had challenged myself to draw/paint people in my pictures. This is Mike, one of the Plein Air painters in our Finger Lakes group. I did it this size so I can donate it to the Art Works Gallery 6X6 fundraiser next week. I just love the traveling cart (or art on wheels) that Mike designed for when he paints outside. He did this so onlookers will know who he is and hopes to get some commissions this way. GOOD THINKING Mike:)

Watercolor 6X6 of Mike a Plein Air Painter

Plein Air Painting overlooking Seneca Lake in Lodi,NY

What a perfect day for painting outdoors today. I met up with some of the artists in the Finger Lakes Plein Air group. We painted at the Lamoreaux (hope I spelled that right) Landing Wine Cellars on NY-414 in Lodi, NY. Sitting way up high on a hill it really is a beautiful overlook. Corrine and I stuck it out until about 2:30 when we heard but could not see thunder over head. We took a break for lunch and drove down to the Ginny Lee Cafe at Wagner Vineyards about a stones throw away.

Corrine painting plein air

Corrine and I actually just met. We discovered that we both had our wedding receptions at the Belhurst Castle. She painted with oil paints. I used my watercolors. I decided to keep with my goal of drawing and painting people. I really challenged myself today. Here I am before I decided to use my easel. I sat behind Mike and Corinne so I could draw/paint them in my picture. Do you like plein air painting?

Anne painting plein air


If you are looking for a great local magazine with interesting stories about Finger Lakes Women check this out. You can pick it up for free at a local store or restaurant. This month Our local Finger Lakes Art Cooperative is featured.

Finger Lakes Woman Magazine

I actually haven’t gotten my hands on one yet! My sister-in-law Sharon sent me this picture in a text. I am so excited to be featured in this one…Its the August/September issue. CHECK IT OUT and tell me what you think

Watercolor Sketch

Watercolor of kids waiting to race

I have been wanting to draw and paint these two action photos that Amy gave me a couple of years ago. I thought it would be a good “study” or practice of drawing figures. In this case kids.
This is the photograph I used.

Photo of kids waiting to race

Here is the next sketch.

Sketch of kids racing

This is the photo.

Photo of kids racing

I am going to keep working on this. I really like drawing people.

Art Works Gallery Plein Air Painter


Join Mike Novik and the Finger Lakes Plein Air group next Tuesday @ 9AM at Lamoreaux Winery. I am hoping to go myself. I LOVE to paint plein air. I will post my picture next week. I want to keep practicing painting people. I will probably paint with my watercolors. Pray for good weather! Hoping my sister Mary will join us:)