Do you have a color wheel?

I have been using my pocket color wheel this week on my abstract paintings. It is so cool!  For mixing colors you select a color on the outside wheel and align it with a color on the inside wheel. The mixture appears in the window. It is also great for when you are thinking about value studies.
But I like it best for the other side when thinking about a color scheme. You can have lots of fun trying out these combinations…complimentary colors…most people think of green and red. Split complimentary is choosing one color and using the color on each side of its compliment on the color wheel. In the case of red this would be blue-green and yellow green. Then there is Diad, Triad and Tetrad. Do you like the color combination I used in this abstract picture from yesterdays 30 paintings in 30 days?

Abstract painting #26 of 30 paintings in 30 days

If you look back at my September 9th post you can see a picture of the color wheel I use. It has two sides.

my Thirty Paintings in 30 days is still going strong

If you ever get an opportunity to do a challenge like this I highly recommend it. It was just the motivation I needed to get in my studio and paint. Some days I set my kitchen timer for an hour. This helps me with the thinking that I can at least work for one hour. Funny thing is when the timer goes off I am so enjoying what I am doing that I just keep on going.   After I post my daily painting to Leslie’s site I  post to face book and pinterest. I love the social interaction and have been getting some great comments and lots of “likes”! Here is a look at the last five paintings I did in a series. I have always loved milk paint and so decided to try some in some fun “milk paint like” colors. I am not really using milk paint. I am using my acrylic paints and mixing them until I get a milky color. Usually this means mixing some of my Golden Titan buff color to the selected color.  Try it!

2015-09-14 21.51.572015-09-14 21.53.43

2015-09-14 21.56.092015-09-14 21.54.37

2015-09-14 21.57.10

Working at Finger lakes art coop today

Hello! I am trying out Windows Live Writer. I never heard of it before today.  I am working in Auburn, NY at FLAC from 11 – 7. It is a very long day especially when no customers  walk through the door. So…I thought I would get my 5 X 5 Challenge done.  I will tell you about that later. We had some lovely ladies from Rochester, NY this AM. I met two of our Coop artists for my first time today. William Sliter, who makes Deer Antler Knifes, as his sign says, ideal for the kitchen, guaranteed. Perfect for cooks with arthritis. He was eager to share his story about how the idea for these knifes came about. Its an inspiring story.  The second artist is Val Barron. You may have seen her working hard in the Waterloo Wal-Mart store…her “real” job. She makes doll clothes and furniture suited to the American Dolls. Or is it American Girl dolls? She was happy to tell me, “but with a lot better prices!” Her granddaughter was her inspiration for getting started on this stress relieving “hobby”.  OK! This is just a practice for my blog. Keep your fingers crossed that it works! Just for fun I am attaching one of my 6”X6” abstract paintings that is for sale at the Coop. Cost$75

Abstracts cropped 1 celadon

Abstract Painting #9 Inspired by Tiffany

After work today I went to get my hair cut. I asked Tiffany my hairdresser what her favorite colors are. It turns out she has a lot of fav colors. But, I could tell that she really likes vintage colors. So do I! We popped on pinterest and this is one of the color ideas we found.

Pinterest Vintage Color Idea

I have a lot of great boards on pinterest. One of them is titled Anne’s September 2015 Thirty paintings in 30 days. Also, check out my Color board.
As soon as I got home I got right to work on todays painting. It changed a lot!! I wish I took more pictures so you could see just how much it changed.

Picking out the hand painted papers

This is really the second layer as I ended up covering much of the 1st layer. I decided NOT to use the vintage playing card as I have on the other paintings. Instead, I would wait until the last layer and use my vintage #9 stamp. It is really small but I like it:) I usually use ink with the stamps but for todays painting I decided to use raw umber acrylic paint.

Second Layer of paper and paint

Vintage #9 Stamp

Art Supplies

This is my color wheel I said I would post using the pastel frame on my photoshp express app.Just for fun!


It took me longer then an hour today to complete this picture but I think it turned out pretty good. I decided to add the word vintage from an old dictionary. After I ripped its edges I “stained” it with some raw umber acrylic paint.

Abstract #9 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

I want to interview my sister Mary Jo for one of my blog posts. She paints with oils. We like to share our progress with each other. STAY TUNED!!!

Post Script Free Ephemera downloads

Check out the free vintage ephemera I got from the Stampington&Company e-newsletter I am subscribed to. I think I will use this in my painting tomorrow.

Post Script Vintage ephemera

They offered four different designs. I REALLY like this one too.

Vintage ephemera in red

Here is my painting #8 for my 30 paintings in 30 days.

Abstract Painting#8

This one was inspired by my friend Rosanne who sent me a facebook post saying she wants to see “more blue” in a painting. I think it must be her favorite color. I think if I had to choose this would be my favorite color combination. Blue and orange are complimentary colors, across from each other on the color wheel. I will post a picture of the color wheel I use tomorrow.

Help! I need to get my art studio more Organized

Today I went searching for my Bluehost Info. Page and I couldn’t find it. I am realizing that my studio needs some TLC. I have a few ideas about what to do:
1. Shelves above my work table. Antique ones would be nice.
2. Containers to hold my supplies.
3. A designated “biz=business” area.
4. Me remembering the tip…”Put it away       right away”.
5. How to save/record my receipts?
6. Bins to organize my painted papers.
7. Better lighting.
8. Framing station.
9. Idea board
10. Note board (maybe white board)
I did find the paper later when I had stopped looking.

An Inspiration piece. I like this old black board.

Well, at least I am getting some painting done everyday. KEEP CREATING!
What is your favorite art studio organization tip?

Abstract Painting demo

140lb Watercolor Paper

First I cut up a 4X4 piece of watercolor paper. Next, using acrylic paint I put some color on the paper.

Acrylic Painted Watercolor paper

Then its time to decide what color scheme I want to use on this piece. I look through my stacks of hand painted paper with an eye for the colors I have decided to use. I have already spent another day hand painting the papers.

Hand painted papers for the collage

I find some of the papers I want to use then tear & rip them into different sizes and shapes for variety. You can use a color wheel if you are not sure what colors will look good together. Now they are ready to “glue” on the prepped watercolor paper. I have decided to use the cruciform type of design. I keep this in mind while I am painting them on with gel medium.

Gel medium and other materials I used

I really have a lot of fun in this stage of the painting. I like to add some more paint and mark making to add some interest to the painting. For example, in this picture, I used a tooth pick to scratch in a design. There are lots of mark making tools. I got most of mine from things I had around my house.

My antique stamps came in this cute jar

This is the #6 stamp I used in the picture with black ink. Give it a try!

Abstract Painting #6

Painting #5 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Today is a special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carol! THANK YOU for supporting me and my art work. This painting is dedicated to you my friend.

Painting #5 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

I decided to place the number 5 on its side. I can’t help but wonder if whoever buys this painting will turn it the other way:) I guess this is the fun of painting and owning an abstract painting. What do you think?

My Day 4 Painting of 30 paintings in 30 days

Abstract #4 on 4"X4" Cradle Frame

Can you see the #4? I am not sure if this one is done yet. Had to leave the house to get down to Geneva Night Out. COME ON DOWN to the Microclimate wine bar on Linden St..They have the Street blocked off and beautiful long farm tables with chairs set up in the Street. There are funky lights hanging from building to building, zig zagged across the Street. I bet it looks pretty at night time. Will post one later.

Linden Street decked out for Geneva Night Out

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

I have decided to continue painting abstracts for the 30 in 30 that started today. This summer I discovered a very old box of playing cards in an antique shop. I decided to incorporate them into my daily paintings using the numbered playing cards in order. So todays painting has the #1 on it. I am excited about using the cards in my paintings.

Abstract #1 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

This is a size 4 X 4 birchwood block. I have used some of my hand painted papers and acrylic paints with gloss medium. I will post a pic of the antique playing cards tomorrow.