Royal Empire Apple Nest

I found a surprise today when I was picking the rest of our apples. Its a bird…its a plane…its an apple!

Royal Red Empire

The royal empire is one of my favorite apples. Not only for its delicious taste but especially for its rich red color. I LOVE to shine them before I eat them!   I wonder if I could capture this color in a painting?  Here is another surprise visitor I captured on my walk today.

Daisy on my Fall walk

I hope you got outside today for a visit with our awe inspiring mother nature.

Art on my walk

I took a nice 2 mile walk at the foot of Seneca Lake after work today. There are some really neat art sculptures on the walk near the Chamber of Commerce building.

Sculpture on Seneca Lake walk

You can see the moon peeking through behind the sculpture. Oh! How I LOVE the colors! Thank You God for the Finger Lakes. They are simply beautiful.

Sun going down on Seneca Lake

Did you get out for a walk today to see what God has been painting?

Its going to be a busy weekend.

I am really excited! One of my small abstract pictures has been accepted into the National Juried Small Works show at the Main Street ARTS gallery. All of the 260 works are 12″ or less. My abstract piece is 4″ X 4″. It is one of a series. On another note my new abstract pieces will be making their debut at the FLAC November First Friday event on November 6. I hope you will consider coming to one or both of these fun events.


Small Works 2015


Bristol Mountain Fall Foliage

Went on the Sky Ride today for my mothers birthday. She turned 79 today! What a beautiful day! It was nice to be outside in the sunshine. We took a ride down to Naples for a bite to eat at the famous Bob & Ruths restaurant. Mom shared her slice of boston cream pie with Mary Jo and I. YUMMO!!

Granny & Jo Jo on the sky ride

Take a ride down there and do some leap peeping with your peeps!

Pat visits the Fall is in the Air Show

Pat says she loves the colors represented in the “Fall is in th Air” Art show at ArtWorks gallery in Seneca Falls,NY. She especially loved the oranges such as in cinnamon and paprika. She also loved the many shades of yellow. Most of all she loved bordeaux and eggplant. Hope you get over there to check it out. The exhibit is up until the end of October.


Marge…my 5 X 5 X 5 buddy!

Marge shadow saying HELLO IMG_1858_edited-1

“HELLO!”  This is my friend Marge out on one of her 5 X 5 adventures.  We got this fun idea from a fellow blogger, Christina Rosalie. She calls it The 5 X 5 Creative Challenge. If you would like to read this blog with a view article titled, The Simplicity of Showing Up, grab the September 2015 Authentic & Creative Living Somerset Life magazine.  One of my favorites!  Its all about mindfulness and enjoying the smallest of moments.  What exactly is it?  Take five simple photos and get inspired to write 5 minutes of writing daily for a month.  Micro-blogging….grab some friends and try it! I have really enjoyed Marge’s articles and pictures. This is one of my favorite of hers so far.

“I’m thinking on my walk today about all the little changes I’m noticing as I wander around.  Leaves are slowly turning color and the woods are less dense. I can actually see some of the houses that are hidden by summers verdant foliage. I’m so sure I know the paths but suddenly I’ll encounter a clearing and a vista that was just created. They have been logging, cutting down dead and damaged trees and their handiwork has changed the paths I’ve grown familiar with. It reminds me of the beach after a violent storm. Suddenly there is less beach or a dune has vanished. Nothing in nature remains the same forever. When we approach life it is a good idea to keep in mind change is natural even though we want to resist it.”

   PSX_20150829_193133  PSX_20150928_184031     IMG_3603

We added walking 5 miles a day to the challenge. Micro…walking??? 

Now….Marge…lets get that blog started so you can post all of your words of wisdom on it.  But really…you are my inspiration this month. THANK YOU for paying attention to the ordinary-ness of life and sharing it with me (for now).

Also..we have been actively working on a collaborative book about creativity together. Stay tuned for Marge’s webpage/blog and our collaborative book and possibly blog project. I am really excited about this!


BLUE SKIES And here I come

Today was a glorious day for Plein air painting again. My sister Mary Jo and cousin Mary Lou came out to play!

Mary actually got a head start and painted in the apple orchard again. She has three wonderful paintings started.

20151012_174029 PSX_20151012_172243PSX_20151012_162002 20151008_215314-1

I forgot to get some pictures of my watercolor. We both painted Mary Lou who was an eager model. She is so excited!

I told her I would finish mine and fine a nice frame to put on it for her.

I was happy to be painting Mary Lou today as it is in keeping with my goal of painting people.

PRACTICE! PRACTICE!! PRACTICE!!!  I wish I could paint like Mary JoSmile 

Thank You God for giving me such a talented sister and a beautiful day. 

I only wish I could do it all again tomorrow! Back to work!

Plein Air painting with Mother Nature and sister Mary Jo today

What a beautiful day! My sister Mary Jo came out to our farm to paint today. We decided to paint out in the apple orchard. Mary likes to walk around for about 10 – 15 minutes to look for what she wants to paint. She takes lots of pictures with her smartphone.  I actually was still finishing up with my household chores so missed this part of Mary’s plein air painting process. When she came in we looked at her pictures and decided to paint the apple trees out by the cow pasture while we still have time. She did get a nice pic of Gary’s big red truck in the barn. Maybe we will paint that another day. So we gathered up our painting gear and headed out to the orchard. Mary is pretty quick at setting up her gear. She is painting with oils and I am using watercolors. After I got all the way out to the orchard I wished that I had brought my plein air easel. Mary found a funny looking tree that was leaning and full of apples.  I decided to do a “study” of a branch of apples on a different tree. We got off to a good start but did not finish the paintings today. I think we may work on them some more this weekend.

PSX_20151008_112405          PSX_20151008_131900          PSX_20151008_132042          PSX_20151008_132547          PSX_20151008_121438          PSX_20151008_132201