Dessert anyone?

My friends and I went out for dinner tonight to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. We had a delicious meal at Lasca’s in Auburn. The friendly waitress talked us into this scrumptious dessert. It was a piece of art.

Peppermint Torte

I must send this to my niece Rose who is a chef. It is just another great example of being creative. I LOVE the mini candycane on top! What is your favorite dessert? YUMMO!

Silly Girls!

Message in a bottle

I am so excited for my eldest son Chris & his fiance Alison! They are engaged to be married September 3, 2016.

"Were getting married!"

Alisons mother, Donna is a DIY Photographer. Isn’t this a creative picture? I Love it! You can do it too!
There are so many wonderful ways to be creative and express yourself. I want to learn to be a better photographer this year. I Think I will add it to my New Years goals. Take a class maybe?

Its a DIY Christmas at Carols house

My friend Carol is a gifted Interior Decorator and self proclaimed DIYer.  Check out the Christmas flower arrangements she made for her beautifully decorated home this year.


She said she got some of the pieces for this arrangement at last years McKenzie Childs Barn Sale…another great place to get inspired!

And one for the outside…..


This one welcomes her friends and family as they enter the side door to her cozy home. Carol says she loves to decorate for all the seasons.

This “camping” themed Christmas tree has always been my personal favorite.

Get your Creative juices flowing! You can do it too!

Cheap and Popular

I took a jog back in time last weekend to the mid 19th Century. I participated in the First Annual Currier & Ives Festival at Traders Village in Romulus, NY as the curator. I also displayed and sold some of my own art work.

Me in front of the old School House
"HUSKING" Re-enactment
Currier & Ives "Husking" print

Nat Currier & Jim Ives ran a successfull American Printmaking firm. They described their business as “Publishers of Cheap and Popular Pictures.” Together they produced many categories of prints by hand-colored lithographs for 72 years (1835 – 1894). My personal favorites are the sentimental images and rural scenes. Some of the prints were donated to the Festival by Scott Curier.
As an added bonus I got to spend the day with my Sister-in-law Theresa.

Theresa enjoying the equestrian parade

NOEL Retreat Celebrating Women

I am really looking forward to spending the weekend with some good friends! We are all meeting up at Christ The King Retreat House and Conference Center in Syracuse. It is a spiritual empowerment weekend for women in recovery.
I went with my friend Terri last year and ABSOLUTELY loved it! Our team leader is Sister Ellie Martinez who helped us form small groups of other women to talk to about our recovery journey. I gathered up my courage and set some recovery and spiritual goals for myself. I committed to these goals by talking to some of the other caring women and to Sr.Ellie. I was most empowered by the women who shared their own personal recovery stories of  struggles and triumphs.
I think this is a perfect time of the year to Let Go and Let God and do this. However…I will be honest and say that when Terri asked me to go last year I couldn’t image how I could “find the time”…especially around the holidays. It turned out to be exactly the right time!
So…take the time to get RECHARGED…RENEWED…and REFOCUSED…and I would like to add RECOVERED!