Coming to an End:(

My 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge is coming to an end. I thought I would share a short version of my painting process. This is helping me think about how to teach a class. Tomorrow I will share a collage of all 30 paintings. I have done this challenge before and every time I do it I learn something new. This time I believe I have gained more confidence in my painting abilities. I am having fun with painting abstracts. My next personal challenge is to paint bigger. I have been researching and getting my art studio ready for it.  Let me know if you are interested in taking a class on this? Don’t worry! I will go into more detail in the class:) Its FUN!

Step one. Get Inspired. Found in the cover of an old book. LOVE IT!
Step 2. Do a Collage with some hand painted paper.
Step 3. Add acrylic paints and play with texture to get a pleasing picture.

Artist Date Today

I went to Main Street ARTS, downtown Clifton Springs, NY today to check out the Flora and Fauna Exhibit. Oil Paintings and Encaustics by Emily Glass and Kristen T. Woodard. Exhibit runs until February 12. Enjoyable! It has inspired me to try encaustics. I LOVED Emily’s painting with rabbits.

Give yourself an “Art Date” and Stop in and Check out the new exhibit and my little paintings. I treated myself to an abstract flower print made by Rachael.

Eres Bonita

Do you know what that means? This is my friend Joan Beck. She is Marie Beck’s mother and local rep of her “You are Beautiful” jewelry designs. We enjoy working together at FLAC.

Joan Beck, jewelry rep at FLAC

Marie uses turquoise, coral and semi-precious stones to create unique designs full of color. This is one of my favorite pieces. She lives and also displays her work in Taos, New Mexico.

Turquoise Bracelet

They are on display and for sale at FINGER LAKES ART COOP in down town Auburn, NY. Come in and see this creatively designed work. Our winter hours are Wed.-Fri. 11 – 7, Sat.11-4.
           YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

Sheep with Attitude

This is Mary’s Story about the sheep. She often visited Williamsburg and Colonial Williamsburg since her son was in a Ph.D program at William and Mary College pursuing his degree in History.  She loves Colonial Williamsburg and has walked every nook and especially the “back” areas off the main tourist scene.  When they were there for one of their  Thanksgivings, strolling the back, more farm like areas She spotted this’ singular sheep.  The sheep was corralled in a large field like pen. It had plunked itself in the dead middle.  It did not look particularly impressed with them standing at the fence.  Over the fence She slowly went.  She did not want to spook it.  After all it pwas a sheep.  It did not budge.  She said that Looking back, if She had been wiser, She should have questioned why it was by itself. She said it did seem to feel threatened by her moving closer with camera in hand.  Within four feet, it starting make loud, ominous sounds that were worthy of a large bull.  No bleating for this sheep. It did not move but was staring her down.  Slowly She knelt down in front of it and took the picture. The noises were turning into even louder menacing snorts.  Still this Leicester long wool sheep was not moving!!  This is when Mary said to herself, “OK, enough is enough!”  She got the hint. Again, very slowly She stood up and backed away. She never lost eye contact with the sheep and went as carefully and slowly as She could until She was back over the fence to safety.  She says “Looking back it was not very smart of her to intrude on this creature’s space but to this day, Sheep With Attitude, is one of her favorite pictures.” Mine too!!

Marys Photograph of Sheep Wirh Attitude

My Space at Finger Lakes Art Coop downtown Auburn

January 2016 My New Display at FLAC

I feel very grateful for my fellow artist/photographer/crafter friends at the Coop. Mary and her husband set up my space this time when we swapped spaces with each other. THANKS Mary and Dave! Mary is a local photographer. She sells her originals and prints in various sizes, some matted and or framed. My favorite one of hers is the old lamb…Or is it a sheep? She told me a funny story about this creature. I bought some of the cards. Come on in and check out the new spaces/places and stories related to the creative pieces.
Doesn’t my spot look inviting?

2016 Is Off To A Creative Bang! {Come and Celebrate and Enter the Art Supply Giveaway} | Jeanne Oliver

I have signed up for Jeanne Olivers class titled, Reflections: Paint Your Story. As she puts it on her blog…”the creative story that only you can tell”. This two week art journaling class begins January 18th. Check it out!

My humble art studio

These are some fun pictures taken in my art studio from my sister Julies perspective. She is an amazing photographer. My art studio is located in what use to be the parlor of our 1830’s built farm house. With the windows facing North it has been a perfect place to paint. My studio is a work in progress. Take a look….

Hanging jars above my work table to hold my art materials.
Magnetic board.A place to put the things that inspire me!
Wanting it to look pretty for my open studio days.
My Day with Monet piece with a pear to compliment it.

Lots of CREATIVITY happening here. Where do you get creative?

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days 2016

Its a New Year and a New Thirty Paintings in 30 days challenge. I am totally up for it! This year my friend Marge is joining in only she is going to write for the thirty days. The only other difference is she gets to do it from the sunny coast of Fla. GO MARGE GO! We will be cheering each other on! Maybe Pat O will join us? How about it Pat O?

Abstract Painting Day 1

This time I am still going to make Abstract Paintings but these may soon be published in a book. STAY TUNED!