Art work in progress

Start with painted papers

I loved the colors on this paper. If you look closely you can see the paper under the canvas. When I am painting I like to wipe the extra paint on my brushes and brayer off onto the paper I use to cover my table. I must be in a blue phase. They are ripped and placed on the canvas in a random pattern. I use matte gel medium to adhere them.
Next, what is a good complimentary color to blue? Use your color wheel if you don’t know. Yes! It’s Orange.

Start adding paint over the collage

This is not finished yet. At this stage I am playing with color and composition. I have decided to do an acrylic abstract landscape painting using a palette knife. I am new to painting with palette knives. I LOVE how it feels and looks!
So….stay tuned…hoping to finish and post this tomorrow.