My sister Mary and I did a Quick Start training today with Blue Host. Picked the Sketch theme. Stay tuned! Now I am watching Gone with the Wind. I think this is the first time I have watched the entire movie…5 hours long!

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      1. What a blast we had this weekend … So much fun and relaxation … We love the Lahr family …. Anne has been busy all summer with her painting. My grandson Gio loved painting rocks with Anne . xoxo

  1. Anne – I feel so honored that you decicated a painting for my Birthday! For those out there in the art world .. Anne is a very talented Artist. Her art work is filled with thought and feeling. This is Art that I love !! Thank you Anne. LY xo

  2. Anne – I just love this Blog ! I usually look at just before bed and it makes me feel good! It helps me to let go of the day ! Especially if it was a bit stressful:D I love the 4 pink pictures they are truly beautiful ! I also enjoyed “working” for you at Art in the Park ! I found myself talking to a lot of people about your Art ! Everyone loved it !! So much fun …

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