Now what?

I am trying my hand at some larger paintings. These are size 22″ X 22″ on watercolor paper. I used some of my hand painted paper and acrylics. I am not sure if they are done. 

Mixed media with hand painted papers
Seeing Red Mixed media abstract size 22″X22″
Mixed media abstract with hand painted papers
Winter Blues Mixed media abstract Size 22″X22″
   Which painting is your favorite and why?

4 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Anne – these are just beautiful! I love them ! I love #2 . Although it was really hard to choose. But when I look at #2 … I think of My deep thoughts .. It makes me think of my life and life in general… your work to me is very spiritual…# 1 is also beautiful… I just love the color red it.. makes me smile …. xoxo

  2. Anne,

    Your work is so wonderful and unique. I am eager to get to Auburn after I return and check out your paintings. Right now, I love the one with the Adirondack chairs.We have a family cottage in the Thousand Islands and I am yearning to get there and sit on our chairs by the campfire. This makes me think of a happy place with family and friends.

    1. Wow!Thanks Jo Ann. Let me know when you are going….we could grab lunch or coffee and chat. The “Adirondack chairs” are done in Watercolor. My first favorite medium to use in art. Remind me to tell you a fun story about them. They are available in print and on greeting cards. We will miss you at the Partnership. Enjoy retirement.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on here. Anne

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